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Edge House Knysna Edge House Knysna Edge House Knysna Edge House Knysna

About Edge House Knysna

Featuring an understated exterior architecture, the effect once you step inside is overwhelming. Designed like a loft with a ceiling to floor panorama front, the Edge House No. 6 commands a magnificent view of the lush valley fed by the Knysna River far below and the Outeniqua Mountains in the backdrop.

Slow down to savour the pristine surroundings, taste the fresh air, trail the course of a distant eagle and leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life far below.

Set off exploring on a long hike, a leisurely stroll or kick up some dust with the Edge House’s mountain bikes. Without room for doubt, the region is one of the most scenic in all of South Africa.

About Us
About Us

Later, reward yourself with a professional treatment at the Simola Spa. And on a different day, try to pick up the knack of fly-fishing or cruise down the Knysna River on a boat tour. Golfers will be delighted at the chance to play one of Africa’s most talked-about courses. The 18-hole championship golf course is ranked among South Africa’s top ten golfing venues.

Another word on our establishments intriguing design: Conceived by an US star designer, the elegant villa’s countless fine details and clear lines were fused into a single work of art that has won a number of design awards.

At the core lies the ambition to transcend the laws of physics – to create a place apparently inhospitable: a sheer cliff face. Steel and concrete supports were drilled into the rock to secure the villa even in the unlikely event of a landslide.

About Us
About Us

The delicate engineering feat is a full success: This is without question, one of Africa’s most spectacular buildings: daringly situated and perfectly integrated into the pristine environment. Our distinguished guests are rewarded with a fantastic panorama of the valley and the Outeniqua Mountain Range. And, of course, the facilities are simply outstanding!

Most remarkable is the complex light design specially created for Edge House. Especially at night, the illumination affects that even include lit floor rails create a carefully balanced, romantic ambience. Only four luxurious guest rooms deliberately limit the villa’s capacity to eight guests.

It is supremely exclusive and private. The Edge House No. 6 ranks among the most luxurious and spectacular accommodation options on the Garden Route!

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